I’m a theatre artist based in Nottingham (UK)

img_c6_16108-ed1-smI make contemporary performance work, sometimes on my own, and sometimes with others. The work plays with the day-to-day personas we build for ourselves and cuts through the pretence that everything is OK because it isn’t. Despite this kinda heavy description, the work is also funny: that’s ‘funny-ha-ha’ and ‘funny-weird’.

The arts often employs a somewhat scattergun approach to career building – we’re encouraged to collect “strings to our bows” more than most – so with this in mind, I’ve collaborated in various capacities with various artists, companies and publications.

I’ve been a deviser, a performer, a writer, a dramaturg, a producer, a reviewer, a company manager, a crap LX technician and a guy that sells ice cream at the interval. I also periodically teach at higher education institutions, specialising in performance practice and writing for performance.

The collaboration which takes up most of my time is LaPelle’s Factory. I’m one half of this creative partnership, the other half being Olwen Davies, the yin to my yang. LaPelle’s Factory is our vehicle for working together and with others.

I’ve toured nationally and internationally over the last 10 years or so, since completing my training and studies at Bretton Hall in 2007. I’ve received funding and commissions, platforms and development opportunities from Arts Council England, In Good Company (Derby/Leicester/Mansfield), Hatch (Nottingham), Emerge (Leeds), circuit (Leicester), Theatre Writing Partnership (Nottingham), NewVolutions (Lincoln) and Compass (Leeds). I’ve twice performed in shows at the British Council’s Edinburgh Showcase.

I look much younger than I am becausimg_c6_16115-ed1-sme I have a juvenile haircut and can’t grow a beard.

Sometimes I still get IDed in bars, but this is an inconvenience I now enjoy.

I like people so get in touch if you’d like a chat.


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